Lab News
  • The research group participated in 2022 The 3rd Integrative Bioinformatics Conference on “Agriculture, Health and Ecology” Prof. Guijun Zhang served as the secretary of the conference, Dr. Xiaogen Zhou given a special invitation report at the conference, and PhD student Chunxiang Peng given a presentation at the postgraduate forum.
  • PhD student Chunxiang Peng's paper "Structural analogue-based protein structure domain assembly assisted by deep learning" was accepted by Bioinformatics.
  • Researcher Luonan Chen and Researcher Xiaoping Liu from Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study of UCAS visited the laboratory to guide the work..
  • PhD student Chunxiang Peng won the rolling funding after passing the mid-term examination of excellent doctoral dissertation cultivation of Zhejiang University of Technology, and PhD student Kailong Zhao received the excellent doctoral dissertation grant from Zhejiang University of Technology.